When i login my site turns in to french

When go to dxo.com and login the whole site is frence. before login its englisch.
where can i change the language?

(on officious reasons i can’t read french :sweat_smile:)

scrap this request, i didn’t scroll down enough. :blush:

It will be better if the flags for languagechange is on the top of the site instead out of sighted untill you fully scroll down.

Ah, yes. I had the same issue. Thanks for pointing out the language selection at the bottom. Most web sites have it at the top where I expected it, too.

Also on a smaller laptop screen or if you make the window smaller the word wrapping looks bad (Safari 12.0, MacOS):

I guess every photographer is expected to have a large screen and use the web browser in full screen mode…



US- internet is crawling of NSA FBI CIA sniffers ,i rather be followed by more secret services in europe LOL (the more backup the better!!!:joy:)

had to translate “volià” and see The dutchies are more polite:
Never thought i said that in international waters…:yum:

Alsjeblieft :grin:


It would be good if the language choice could be put in your profile so that you do not have to change it over and over again.