When exporting to Nik Collection PhotoLab doesn't create a Tiff

Hi, I’m using PhotoLabL 3.3.1 build 57 with Elite Filmpack and Viewpoint my system is a Macbook.
I was using Nik Collection v1.2.11 which worked fine.
I decided to try the new Nik Collection 3.0 which installed fine and worked also ie. the export from LR and from PhotoLab.
Now suddenly overnight( :grinning:) the export from PhotoLab to the NIK stuff doesn’t work, but from Lightroom to the NIK works (tiff files get generated)
During the export from PhotoLab to NIK there’s no tiff file generated - just a notification “exported in 0sec”
The NIK stuff e.g. Efex Pro don’t get any any tiff file.
I’ve tried uninstalling both PhotoLab and the NikCollection but it’s still the same result.
From Lightroom works but not from Photolab…
Maybe someone knows this problem

Click Settings on the NIK Plugin Selector; TIFF is available.

Thanks jamhen2 that got it working again :+1: :+1: thanks