When changing the color temp directly, RAW White Balance is switched on automatically but value is ignored

Interesting indeed. But my issue has more to do with changing the color temperature. I can live with the values DxO derives, I just need to change them a lot of times.

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@miloman Out of interest, is this the behaviour you’re experiencing?

Post 27 (with a video) in this thread - posted by myself

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No, sorry… Most likely it is related though. In my situation (windows btw) previously when I type a value into the temp box, it applied the value immediately, and also changed the setting to custom.
Now when I do this, first time when I type a value, it is ignored (value is not changed when moving away from the temp field), but the setting is changed from as shot to custom. Only with this setting it accepts the new temp value…

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On my laptop PC I’m still in V6.5 and the value changes immediately.
On my desktop PC I’m in v6.6.1 and I have this bug.

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I noticed this issue with 6.6.1.

I often manually change the white balance by typing in a value. However now when I type the value and hit enter white balance go from As Shot to custom but my value resets to the As Shot value.

I have to type the custom value in twice. Very annoying. I’ll report this bug to DxO next week.

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I wonder if this problem is related to the issue to not being able to copy the white balance settings?

Both issues seem to have appeared with the newest updates to PL 5 and 6.

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I created a request to revert back to the previous way of changing the color temp (#419603)

avec une valeur original de 5400 K, et si je tape par exemple 10000, je passe très bien à 10000K teinte 0, pour revenir as shoot, je double clic sur le curseur et tout revient parfaitement.

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Quel est votre OS ?

Windows 11 pro, 22H2. Bonsoir!

Windows 10 Famille 22H2.
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Donc pour vous cela fonctionne sous Win, à partir de la température “Originale”, le changement de la valeur est prise en compte ?
J’ai aussi ce problème sur mes 2 PC sous Win10 et Win11, la valeur tapée n’est pas prise en compte malgré le changement de statut qui passe de “Original” à “manuel ou personnalisé”.

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Works perfectly here. Win10 pro N 22H2 + mediapack. Photolab 6.3.1.

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I don’t experience this with my config (see above) but it looks like there’s a new version fixing this (

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I think it happened with the V6.6.1.199

The problem would be solved with the V6.7 released today.

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Yes, thanks Frank, it is resolved, at least the way I was changing the color temp works again.

Thanks DxO!!

Has this been fixed also for Photolab 5? There is no mention in the release notes. I am still having issues concerning the white balance in Photolab 5.12.

Is it the same problem ?
He is not in the v5.12

I thought it might be related, as both bugs appeared with the recent updates and relate to the whute balance.