When batch processing multiple files, allow for changes to individual files

Right now, if I multiselect images in PL4, and export them to Nik Color Efex, I can choose scroll through the files within Color Efex, but it seems that if I make a change to one file, it applies that change to all of them. Often, I want to do something like apply the Lighten Center/Darken Edges filter to all the files, then go to each file to slightly adjust center point and sliders. It would be great if I could tweak each one and have the application remember which tweaks went with which file, then apply them all appropriately when I hit the apply button.

Cool! I even didn’t know one can multiselect images in PL4 and apply a Nik filter to all of them.

What you might try – choose a pic that is kind of representative, apply the (general) corrections and save them as custom preset, which from now on you can apply to other pics.

With individual corrections you will have to call the (general corrected) pics one by one.