What's your workflow?

I’m thinking of getting PR4 but I’m wondering if it’ll work in my currently workflow.

Currently, I run all my photos through PL6 for denoise and correction. Then I import the DNGs into Lightroom.

Can I do something similar (batch process)? Or is there any easier/better way?

Interested in how you do it. Thanks!

I’d keep DPL6 as long as it runs and supports the camera(s) and lense(s) in use.

PureRAW consists of a subset of what PhotoLab can do, but it lacks the finesse imo.
If you can live without DeepPrime XD2, there is no need to get DPR4.

DPR4 can always be tested with a free trial, but again, I’d not bother.

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If you are thinking that just because PR4 has DeepPRIMEXD2, then wait for XD2 to show up in PL. Us mere mortal users don’t know when that will be but we will all be staggered if it does not appear in PL8, which if previous release dates are any guide will be out in Sept / Oct 2024.

As @platypus has explained, PR is a subset of PL, a subset that lacks some of the controls available in PL.


You can batch process raw photos in PR4 very easily and export as DxO’s linear DNG, TIFF, or JPG. Whether you want to is up to you.
But if chosen, then PR would replace PL in your workflow.

See DxO’s discussion:

PR4 provides denoising and optical corrections ONLY, with a limited set of tuning controls for these functions.
PL6/7 provides additional processing tools in addition to the denoising and optical corrections.

You cannot use “both” PR and PL then export as a DNG in a workflow. It really is an Either/Or choice.

If you expect to use other PL tools, than perhaps wait until this fall when DxO typically updates PL. The "XD2 " technology is expected to be included by most users (but not promised by DxO).
If you wish to switch from PL to PR in your current workflow because you only want the denoise and optical correction tools, then that is a viable choice too.

Excellent explanation @swmurray. Thank you.

Previously, I imported into PL only so that I could export out the denoised/corrected DNG to LR. I’m not sure I was using anything else in PL (unless something else is being done that I don’t know about…).

My thought was to replace PL with PR4. My work would be Import>PR4>DNG>LR.

Optical corrections, lens/camera. But I think that’s also in PR. Check it.