What's your most disastrous editing mistake ?!

It occurred to me that recounting our mistakes might help DxO in improving PL’s user-interface (?!)

Here’s mine - It’s a blunder that I’ve made on more than one occasion … which, I guess, only goes to prove that I’m a slow learner :sunglasses:

It goes like this;

  • I’ve just completed a long correction session, including many image-specific crops - - then I kick-off an Export-to-disk process.
  • While I’m waiting, I notice that the image currently visible on the Customise screen could do with a slight refinement to my original crop - so I go ahead and make the change …
  • Only then do I realise that I had ALL the images selected (for the Export process) - so, now I’ve forced that final crop across ALL those selected images. :exploding_head:

If I realise my mistake early enough, I can try Ctrl-Z … but that doesn’t always save me. :cry:

John M

Hi John!

So what would You envision as the interface improvement for the situation You describe above?

Trying to improve a image which is 99% done and totally mesh things up that much that ctrl Z doesn’t help me. and i have to hit reset to originalsettings and start over hoping i get the same result as before.
Yes, save your settings! (in PL make a temporaly preset or copy the dopfile to somewhere before starting to wondering around in the posiblitities.) or make a Virtual copy and if you satisfied export that but don’t touch the 99% done one you stup…d…

It’s the same as saying watch where you walk to someone just after he is stepped in to dog sh*t… :joy:

So DxO please make a safepointbutton for us dummy’s :blush:

This mite work:
a window popping up with:
Are you really want to change ALL images?” yes/no

Are you sure?” yes/no
This could be a dumb action. still sure?” yes/no…
eh no?


(it’s a joke no mean to avend any one…)

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I actually can’t think of one that would be acceptable, Jim - - eg. One idea might be to have all images automatically UN-selected once the Export-to-Application process is started … but, I can think of plenty of situations where that would be quite an annoyance !


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Hm, the tool could display a warning if:

  1. A multi selection is active
  2. The selected images have not equal crops
  3. The user starts to change the crop of the visible image

This case is unlikely to be intended.

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After years of using Picasa, where all edits are automatically made to a virtual copy of the original thus preventing the destruction of the original, I began to use Photoshop and ruined originals until I learned to duplicate files before editing.

The solution in PL is to offer a second SAVE option: Save with copy of original.

Twice I have deleted all selected images in error after selecting all to add prime, outputting and after viewing the results. Now I keep the Recycle bin clear to make it easy to recover errors. regrettably even after the odd wrong deletion my wife keeps initial editing from her memory card 9even though I have kept pointing out its so much easier and safer to copy them to the HD) so I keep an data recovery program on my laptop for this event, one that its hard to see how what ever you added to the program it could do to prevent.

You meant “select” and “delete from disk” ?

that’s a failsafe IF you are thorough enough to do this steps every time.

I am working always in a import folder on new images and when i delete/format my SD i always copy my Raw’s to my raw archive before i do that. (great thing with dop is you can copy/move those from the working folder to the archive folder of the same images and PL applies them there.)
Second safe thing is do is create a DOP backup folder inside the archive folder when i am done editing by copying the dop’s in that folder. So when i screw around and mesh things up too much i just search for the dop backup and ovewrite the meshed up one.
(when changing and your satishfied just copy all and overwrite all dopfiles inside backup)

(But i would like a checkbox to protect the dopfile from changing. (new changes creates automatic a virtual copy)

I know…believe me, I know, what you mean :slight_smile:

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