What's the excuse for Nik Collection 3 not working with PhotoLab 5? (Or in Windows 11?)

As part of wondering why the Nik Collection 3 installer won’t run on this new PC - it does on the old one - I checked the system requirements.

See title: what is the excuse for making PhotoLab 5 incompatible with Nik Collection 3?? DxO write both of them. Is this an ‘accidental’ side-effect of changes to control points?

(While I am at it, what exactly is the reason for Nik Collection 3 being shown as incompatible with Windows 11?)

I was already extremely reluctant to upgrade from PhotoLab 4 - the camera I use most still isn’t supported, at least two years after it was ‘coming soon’. Having to pay to upgrade Nik Collection as well just makes it certain that it ain’t gonna happen.

Hi, Ian. Can you explain what you mean by PhotoLab 5 and Nik Collection 3 not working together? What exactly isn’t working?

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See the system requirements FAQ - support.dxo.com/hc/en-us/articles/4409304781201-Nik-Collection-compatibility-with-OSes-third-party-software

Nik Collection 3 has ‘no’ for working with Windows 11 (why??) and ‘no’ for working with PhotoLab 5 (“via Nik Collection Plugin selector”).

Oh yes, things like this are why it is extremely irritating that when you buy version n of DxO software, previous versions disappear from your account on the website.

I see elsewhere that someone has got PhotoLab 3 to run with WINE. I can’t try that, because I can’t get access to PhotoLab 3 since I upgraded to PhotoLab 4.

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I guess with Win 11 it just means that DXO aren’t going to support NIK V3 on Win 11. It should run on Win 11 as WIN 11 is basically a UI change at this time. When you say NIk V3 doesn’t run what exactly is happening?

I have NIK V2 and it works with PL5, again DXO seem to be saying they arn’t going to actively support previous versions.

Dunno, and I am not about to upgrade to Windows 11 to find out.

I know it should work, but if DxO say it doesn’t and it actually doesn’t, they’re going to wash their hands of the problem.