What's new in VP4 since VP3?

The upgrade price is a bit steep so I’m wondering if I can justify the cost or just stick with VP3? Sure I can just install the VP4 trial and try it out, but to save time I’m asking here :slight_smile:

With the embedded VP4 in PL6 you get the new Reshaper tool and mirror-imaging files vertically and horizontally. The standalone app includes all of this and a few extras such as guidelines for more precise alignment and a few others, plus a revamped and improved UI. I would urge you to try it and decide for yourself if it is worth the upgrade price or not.

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The reshaper tool is the only thing that would interest me at the moment. And the possibility to get the change displayed immediately. Viewpoint in Photolab has the advantage that you can edit the RAW directly. And not cumbersome via the export as TIFF. Working in Viewpoint is clearly more comfortable.
But I’m not sure yet if this is worth 59€ for an upgrade. I will test the demo.


The only interesting feature to me is the new crop and level option. This is my first step in all editing, crop and level.

However, this is how a crop and level should work in the core product in the first place. Why do I have to get a plugin for this just to be on par with competing products. Try to crop and level in Affinity Photo and then in PL5/6. It’s night and day difference and finally they seem to address this but through a paid plugin?


Why don’t you just wait for Black Friday, it will be easier to decide

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This is what it will probably come down to :wink: