What's in the wings - Photolab 6

bang! bang!

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ARGHH, I did not have time to see new features !

I think you will have to wait, like the rest of us, until the third week of October.


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It seems that you have got inspired by the old comic strip BC (Before Christ).

There was a clam in one scene that put out two legs in order to run but immediately the clam pulled them in when a human nearby noticed what it had done.

… and in the next frame the clam says: “Shit, he knows my secret now I got to kill him.”


Careful. Who doesn’t want to become shot with a large format camera? :eyes: Can you handle the queue of models?

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Yep, I reckon you’re dreaming on that one. :grin:

Here’s what I’d like to see …

  1. Return of ability to include settings in one’s default Preset (as applied to all newly encountered RAW files) to assign values to EXIF Author & Copyright fields … This feature was “broken” on introduction of IPTC management with PLv5. More details here - and - this one too … Current total of 30 votes.

  2. Ability to determine the degree of output sharpening applied to an image.
    More details here48 votes !! (as of now)

  3. Filter option to select Virtual Copies. More details here

  4. Provision of more crop overlays; such as golden ratio, golden spiral, diagonals etc
    More details here36 votes (as of now).

  5. Make it easier to read key EXIF information on the Image Properties pop-up
    More details here

  6. Include HSL as a Local Adjustment. More details here55 votes !!! (as of now)

That would make a lot of users very happy …

John M


All excellent points, John-M. Shame there are not more votes for those items (I just added my vote).

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OK, @JoJu wins the forum, at least for the month of March. :rofl:

No, I already have had the experience of growing older in front of a LF camera while the photog does his focus-don’t move-cassette in-slider out-Macarena. “Was the slider out?” “No idea, I just made the shopping list for the next two months while you were busy”. “Ooh. Don’t move!”

So I would gladly step back from the waiting list and leave others the place for a decelerated experience…

Obviously not an experienced LF portrait shooter :innocent:

You mean, he hasn’t discovered the advantages go “f/10 and bang!” or he was fiddling too much with the standart to tilt and shift. Maybe. But his camera was also made of wood… and brass, of course. Who doesn’t want to look shiny? :star_struck:

White slider please.


While I cannot be certain, I don’t believe there are any current plans to implement a white slider. I would be happy to be proven wrong. However, more concerning to me is the broad overlap of the effect of the current sliders between highlights, midtones, shadows, and blacks.



Would be great if dxo list a granted list of votes.
Say a top ten. So everyone sees the 10 most voted wishes.
And can add extra votes if they like.
Now those topics sink fast.
Thanks @John-M for draggkng them to the surface.


Full linux version?

Pretty Please?!

Sorry, linux is probably never, ever going to happen.


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Support for LUTS and soft-proofing…


Do you know the present market share for Linux on “desktop computers” (including laptops). The penetration on server market is irrelevant here I think. Linux never really took of on the non-server computers at least from what I know. So there might not really be very much of a market there at all for DXO.

Hi Peter,

it’s possible to sort the FR’s by Vote count, so we have a list

and if I remember correct we have had this discussion a long time ago and no reaction by DXO staff

have fun


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Didn’t know that but you can’t see if the request is granted by the development team and is placed in the development timeline.
That is what i would like.
A view of possible future features. :sunglasses: