What's going on with copy/paste settings outcomes here?

Hi - typically, I find it useful to correct one image from a shoot and then copy the settings and then paste them to similar images from the same shoot.
Todays this happened when pasting the settings:

The ghost elements, distortions and weirdness were a surprise and I can’t get to the root of the problem.

But, the only solution is to reset the image and start again - all productivity gains are lost.

I depend on Photolab and need to resolve this issue asap - any help most welcome!


1 are you using photolab elite?
2 if so the best way to conquer copy paste problems is creating a partial preset of the mastersettings.
1 local corrections can only be pasted IF crop and perspective are the same.
So make a correction of the master.
2 right mouse "create preset from present settings.
3 open preseteditor
Checkbox all youlike to paste in the blue line infront leave the rest unchecked.
Safe this partial preset with a name so you reqocnise it.
And your fast copy paste is done.


Hi Peter - and thank you very much indeed.

I do have Photolab Elite so I’ll experiment with your suggestion until I find my solution - I didn’t even know the preset editor existed until you guided me to it!

Why, however, is PL pasting elements of other images in the first place?

Hi Andrew. It’s also pasting your local corrections such as Repair/Clones. Just reset or turn off the Repairs by clicking the white button. It’s also applying any Crop settings you made to the master, so reset that too. All but those two repairs will still be there. Now you can redo those two repairs as necessary.



I agree with Mark @rrblint, it looks like you applied Clone/Repair tool on the previous image.

And Peter @OXiDant , thank you for the good advice :+1: to the user.

Svetlana G.


Your welcome,

This preset module is a very powerfull tool.
i am a hobby photographer so many o my image’s in a set are “unique” not tripod or fixed light nor same angle of view so i don’t do much “copypaste” i just go with the flow no time presure.

But if you are a professional who needs asap results then this function can help you very much.
Presets and Partial presets are time frozen editing settings. So you can make a much as you like.
You name them , rename them, move them between folders , change them and safe them under a different name, delete them.
Temp folder:
if you have to do some global correction to all of the set , make this WB correction , exposure and contrast and such. create the partial preset. So you create a taste/ a view, name this “client 01 taste late afternoon” (example)
Now you have a one click correction with preview in your "apply preset"button top right.

If you like this for other projects? just move it towards “my presets- partial presets” if not delete when not needed any more.

You can create almost any “global” setting and make it a preset to use when you like.
And if you look in this forum there are presets of others you can download to use.

Local adjustment can be used also like this:

my own vignetting in light, contrast, color, blur/unsharpenning, all a local adjustment can change.

or got from a forum member:

one click postcard. :slight_smile:

make your own check tool:

or a handy perspective correction with crop:

and if you don’t like the result? “undo” and try again something else or change the preset in edit mode or change that image anlone.

And as other wrote, be carefull with the copy paste of corrections.
follow this roadmap in editing and it will be smoother:

  • global corrections
  • perspective/horizon/crop
  • local corrections (they (could) move in your image when the perspective changes)

have fun and enjoy this great application.


an other feature you may like:
Virtual Copy: when created you have a copy of the then edited image.
you can try out some things wile leaving the “master” alone.(multiple Virtual copy’s can be made.)
if you like the result copy paste all corrections to the master or delete all VC’s you don’t like and keep the master and the liked VC. (Delete the master wil delete the VC’s also keep that in mind)


This is a great bit of info. I emailed a link to myself so I can refer to it later. Thanks for this comment!

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