What would I lose/gain by using PureRaw instead of Photolab?

I’ve been using Optics Pro and Photolab for over 10 years now. I’ve stayed with v5.xx because it covers all my equipment and I’m happy with DeepPrime. I don’t use anything like all the features, mostly I apply a default profile, basic light and contrast adjustments (usually all minor), and DeepPrime as required. I also use Viewpoint (2.5), horizon, and crop for basic geometric correction. All further editing, global and local, is done in ACR/Photoshop on exported tiffs.

I don’t feel I need the later features added to Photolab 6 or 7, nor do I particularly want to upgrade my PC to accommodate a much more expensive graphics card that seems to be a requirement for PL7.

So my question is - what would I lose - or gain - by not replacing Photolab, but purchasing PureRaw instead? I can still use Viewpoint as a PS plugin. Does the latest PureRaw have the same requirements for a more powerful graphics card? As a separate issue, is there a loyalty discount for purchasing PureRaw if you are already a Photolab user?

Yes, Pureraw has the same requirements for a more powerful graphics card since they are the same development algorithms as PL.
I don’t think this is the case, but to find out if you have prices discounts you can check this on your DXO account.
It’s only for the same software with an N-1 or N-2 version depending on the case.
And I think you will pay less by updating PL5 → PL7 than by taking PR3.

What do you gain/lose by sticking with DPL5 and NOT getting DPR? If DPL5 does what you need, stick to it and save the money.

he is killing OP’s itch to spend the money at very the root !

Apart from confirming my suspicion that a new graphics card (and probably new PC) would be required, which is useful information, nobody has really answered my initial question. What would I lose? I understand of course that PureRaw doesn’t have all the functionality of Photolab. Is there any reduction in adjustability of DeepPrime parameters, for example? Can I create presets?

Subsidiary question now based on the graphics card issue - can I download a trial version of PureRaw v2, instead of v3?

Well “What would I lose?” is a fairly open question that cannot possibly provide a satisfying answer.

  • Will there be a reduction in adjustability? Yes
  • Can I create presets? No

I do recommend that you download the DPL trial and see if it works for you.
Also, check the cost of updating DPL5 to DPL7 vs, the cost of a new DPR license. Expect extra Black Friday (Nov. 24th, 2023) discounts…without any guarantee from my side that DxO will grant any.

I (wrongly) bought PR2 and soon got PL6 last year around Blackfriday. To me, the lack of tunability in PR was killing its usability. Some photos even came out with white corners because of an overly strong vignette correction applied, which you can adjust in Photolab otherwise.

Personally I will never recommend PR with the compromise.
But obviously you have a month to try both and find out yourself, that should be done before the purchase. You also have sometime before Blackfriday to find out, when you then have a chance to get either with a good discount.

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