What will be next for Photolab?

Been spending a lot of time testing DXO Photolab I do like it but it’s not quite getting me to what I get in other programs or my old version of LR.
So my ?s is what will the next version offer for updates.

Right now it is no faster than my old Lightroom V6 but other programs I am testing are much faster including the newer Lightroom classic. For loading images going one to the next and doing 100% zoom-ins. This is why i am looking at other programs for a faster workflow.
I can not match the colors I get from my old Lightroom. I just spent around 6 hours editing images today and when i bring them up next to my old edits in lightroom I am just not getting the same better colors its close but just not their.

Will the next version be faster ? and have better colors.
Will you be adding rollover previews of the presets?.
And a better crop tool that includes the strate tool by just dragging the corner like many other programs. This drives me crazy using the strate tool over and over. grab one end and move it up then grab the other end and move it up. We shoot on the beach and just about every photo I need to have some horizon fixing.
Lut support as well we are going to start making some of our own LUTs to use.
For now, I think I am going to have to go with the Lightroom month to month plan as that is now much faster than the old V6 version I have been using.

I like DXO and its features and interface would for sure give it another try when it has new updates faster and better color and the crop/starte area re-done.
Here s a few images I edited in it today testing. We work on the beach shooting all the time.

It is difficult to learn new software and compare years of experience with old software to new.
Couple of points. Just click and drag with the straighten tool like every other program with a straighten cursor tool.
DXO can use DCP profiles, even the same DCP profiles from LR.

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There is also “Auto horizon” - just activate it in the default preset you use and it is automatically applied the moment you load a file.

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Any way to speed it up that is the main problem it is much slower then Lightroom or Capture One.
In the summer months on none virus years we shoot and edit 7 days week we are in a tourist beach town. I am editing many thousands of photos a week every night after the job so the speed of going from image to image and zoom in matters a lot.

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Dear Edward,
the speed is discussed in several threads, and some members have suggested the tool FastRawViewer as first step in the workflow. I’m not a fan of too many tools and I’m still waiting for the next DXO Version hoping they increase the speed.
But a week ago I gave the tool fastrawviewer (first as trial and bought it a few days latter) a chance for selecting pictures as first step and I’m excited.
There is a function in the view menue called “focus peaking” and it’s terrific.
For first selection and moving the good ones to a specific folder the tool is great.
Afterwards DXO PL for developing and all is fine.

best regards


I have been playing with a few programs every day and in the end i am liking Capture One the best it is very fast faster then the Lightroom trial i did. It also has the focus peaking look for finding sharp images fast when culling images. I am getting just better colors from it and much faster.
I have not paid for any of them yet still running the trials but it is looking like that will be the direction i go.The speed and a ton of features.

@DigitalEd: If I remember correctly, Capture One has weird digital artifacts when you magnify a photo to pixel-peep. If you think there might be occasions when you’d like to dramatically crop your photos, you might not like the patterns you see. Try magnifying your photo as much as you can in both PL and Capture One. Unless Capture One was changed (or unless I’m thinking of different software), I think you’d see that PL is superior in that regard. I could be wrong about that, though. Maybe it’s only an issue with the way it handles my Panasonic raw images. Worth checking.