What makes PureRAW slower than Photolab for DeepPrime XD?


I was checking out a post where people would list their processing time with Photolab and DeepPrime and noticed those times where a lot shorter than the ones I would get processing the same files with PureRAW 3.0.
I installed the trial version of Photolab and got the same processing times as similar setups from the list. The output of both files is pretty much identical. Does anyone know what PureRAW is doing which Photolab isn’t? are there options to disable to get the same speed? I was considering buying a new GPU, maybe there is an alternative…


It could be something as simple as optimization. Maybe DXO team didn’t spend as much time optimizing the code and use of GPU/CPU as they did in PhotoLab. I knoew that few versions back PhotoLab was quite slow and than DXO team said they improved processing speed considerably. And they did. Perhaps DXO PureRaw 4 or some 3.1 release or something like that will get speed boost via optimization. I don’t think its the hardware issue, but probably software side of PureRaw is not as well optimized. Just my guess.