What is the Optics Module Installer doing?

I am migrating to Photolab to evaluate it. I’ve just indexed about 100K images and now I’m looking around at what I’ve got. A few moments ago, I reviewed an image that ignited a DxO Optics Module installation. I clicked OK to proceed and now my computer is in bad shape with high CPU use and high disk use. The Photolab process is unresponsive but I did manage to get this browser window up to pose this question.

My working theory is that the Optics Module installer downloads and applies the module to every photo with that body/lens combination. If so, it is applying the newly downloaded module to tens of thousands of images. Am I correct and, if so, should I go cook dinner or make myself a drink? If not, should I kill Photolab and restart it?

Please advise.

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As far as I know, when you say ‘Ok’ to a new optics module, PL will apply it to all the images that were taken using that module (body lens combo)

I am guessing that as you are migrating to PL, it will be looking at all the images it has catalogued.

Pop the kettle on. Getting the right optical corrections for lens/body is necessary to making the best of PL. If you don’t have the right corrections for your body/lens it is likely to have an effect of your final image.

Sounds like a real pain, but will be worth it in the long run

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After a couple of hours, I got a “Successfully installed” message and then a crash from PL. I’m in the middle of a drink after I cooked dinner, so I made the correct choices.