What is the best way to batch fix pictures locations changes ?

Hi guys,

first of all, I use DXO for some years now and it is realy cool ! Thx for the work ! :smiley:

I use DxO on a MacOs and all my pictures are on a NAS in my local area network, it is a bit slower than directly on my computer, but I have teras of picture I can put this on my computer :wink:

Few weeks ago, my NAS report told me that the space left was critical and that I had some duplicates… that was the time for a big cleanup ! I removed, moved, renamed, …

Few days ago, I launched DxO and I figured out that all the pictures in a project were not found… The process to fix all of them are realy tedious because picture came from many differents directories.

Did someone knows if there is a config file somewhere ( projet_xyz.xml ?) where I can fix it manually for all the picture at once ?

My actual process is :

  1. copy the name of the missing picture (IMG_2551.CR2)
  2. search the picture in the NAS through SSH ( find /volume1/photo/ -type f -name “IMG_2551.CR2” )
  3. open each one of the matches to find the good one
  4. open the “fix path to image” in DxO for this picture,
  5. cmd+shift+g to go to location and select the picture

If anyone have a better workflow… :smile:

@dxo maybe you could improve this by displaying the old path to file… or automatically search down through a given directory or something