What is Pure Raw?

I already have PL 4.2.1. What is included in FR that I do not have?
I did not find an answer from the PR pages.

PureRAW is designed to give some of the benefits of Photolab 4 Elite to those who use other software as their primary raw editor. Programs like Lightroom CC and others that can read DNG files can take advantage of PureRaw’s features. There is no functionality in PureRAW that is not also available in Photolab 4.2 Elite.

PureRAW includes Denoising (HQ, PRIME, and DeepPRIME), Lens sharpness, Distortion corrections, Chromatic Aberration corrections, and Vignetting corrections.

Unlike Photolab, those corrections are applied automatically in PureRAW. I am hoping that future versions of PureRAW will allow users to adjust those settings similarly to Photolab 4 Elite.


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Thank you Mark.
That is what I expected it to be but the pages were confusing me.