What have I done?

I have been having some odd issues with the Local Adjustment control for the Control Point mask.

The first thing that happened is that somehow the settings got changed so that I could not add a Control Point without pressing the Control Key on the keyboard. The normal display showed a - sign next to the Control Point indicator when I moved the mouse and I had to press the Control Key to allow me to actually add the Control Point mask.

The second thing that happened is that somehow I completely lost the ability to add a Control Point. When I right-clicked I do the selection display but the Control Point icon was disabled and so could not be selected. See the attached photo.

The only way I could fix all of this was to exit PL4 and restart it, so I wonder if I did something to cause this or if there is a bug in the Local Adjustments functionality in PL4. Has anyone else see this?

Screen Shot 2020-10-25 at 8.08.57 AM

Tried to reproduce, but working all here. Ctrl+click and also adding control points.

Btw. got this message, because I tried the first time local adjustments with PL 4.
“Right-click to select a masking tool.”

Was it the case, Mike, that this occurred after you had left PL unused for some time (eg. while doing something else) - with this behaviour occurring when you recommenced using PL ?

If so, I’ve experienced that too - off and on, even before PLv4.
I have reported my experience - - and I understand it’s a known issue that’s proving difficult to nail down.

John M

There were 2 issues - the first was that the Control Point icon was visible, but when I used it the mouse icon only showed the “-” sign and I had to press Control along with the mouse button to be able to create a Control Point. The second was that the icon entry completely disappeared from the selection display.

If I remember correctly the first happened after a break in processing but the second happened during the same processing session. Unfortunately I was experiencing so many issues at about the same time that I am not exactly sure of how much time might have passed. And I was trying so many keyboard presses (Control, Alt, Function, etc) along with the mouse click to try to fix the problem that I don’t really know if that did not cause it.

I was not aware that there was a known issue since I had never seen this with PL 3 but I will pay more attention to timing from now on with PL 4 and post if this happens again. If I do that I will probably also be able to file a support request.

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