What happened?


This is the second update after we were told that the fix to show externally edited changes would be included in the update. Some initial testing seems to show that the fix is indeed in the release as most of the images I have edited with Photoshop show the changes, but not all do and it seems as though there might be a bug in the change.

I will continue to test the fix and see if I can see a pattern, but so far I have not.


Sorry about that, this version does not contain the fix, indeed.
The reason why is that we are still working on the version 2.2 that is containing this fix, and is not yet ready to be released. In the meantime, we had to release a bugfix version that was not intended initially. We had some feedback for a number of issues (freezes on quit, that were reported here in another thread, and also quite a few nasty crashes) that we wanted to fix before version 2.2 was released.

I can’t say for sure when version 2.2 will be coming, but it’s definitely getting closer, and I know you’ve been waiting patiently for it.

I had been getting ready to update my previous post with one saying that the fix worked sporadically when I initially opened the new PL2 but does not work at all after restarting PL2. I guess I do not have to send you the screen video.

When do you expect the fix to be released? I have been waiting for 5 years for it and it is pretty important to me. I can continue to wait, but would like to know when I might expect the fix to show up.


Version 2.2 should come by in some more weeks. Somewhere around late February / early March.
Unfortunately, we encountered some challenges in the new features that are to come in this version, which led to us releasing that intermediate version to fix some immediate and serious bugs. I realize it’s kid of your case as well, but I couldn’t backport the fix to that version.

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Thank you for letting me know.