What gives with this email..."Your trial version of DxO PhotoLab 3 expires in two days"

Hi all

I downloaded PL4 to trial on the 22nd October but for personal reasons I have had no time to install it yet. I have received a few emails in the meantime highlighting the benefits of PL4 and then this morning the email titled as above and for what it is worth the body of the email was about the features of PL4

For the record I have a paid version of PL3 installed that has been doing its job AOK so why this oddly titled email and has anyone else had the same???


It is probably a mistake.
I received a similar mail after I bought PL4.
A photo of the mail is in following thread:

So apparently nothing happened since then.

Thanks for posting and yes I surmised it was a mistake, so whoever ‘pressed the buttons’ ~ don’t do it again :frowning: :wink:

Great to see this shared with the community here. But it would help DxO and fellow customers even more if you open a support ticket at support.dxo.com to report the problem. My experience is that someone will quickly forward the info to the right department and all will be corrected.

Ok…I see what you mean but I perceive “support” to be about the products rather than reporting of odd marketing emails.

However, I will try that route sometime tomorrow…when I can.

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For the record!

I have submitted this issue as a support request and attached a screengrab of what the email looks like.

In due course I hope to get a meaningful answer as to why it was sent and how DxO will avoid sending such odd emails in future :slight_smile:

I don’t think you’ll get that in-depth an answer - just an assurance that the right party has been alerted to the problem and will address it. We’re customers, not managers. Maybe you will get what you are hoping for, but in my experience that level of detail is usually reserved for grievous mistakes.

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