What does the DPL5 release notes' reference to 'subsampling' mean?

The release notes say: “New sub-sampling option: You can now choose to deactivate sub-sampled image previews, which are displayed in the main viewer, when setting your parameters. This will let you view the image at a high resolution while applying corrections.”

I can’t find anything in the Mac version of DPL5 that corresponds to this option, unless it’s the option for ‘high-quality’ previews in the Preferences dialog. But is that new? I’m pretty sure it was in PL4.

Introduced with PL version 5, sub-sampling helps to get a better preview while applying corrections – when your system is fast enough. Otherwise you have the option to switch to the old behaviour.

Screen Shot 11-15-21 at 10.41 AM
screenshot taken in Windows

It is indeed this high quality preview option. If you have it in PL4 there’s a wormhole hidden in your Mac :smiley:

Hi Lucas,

Thank you. I deleted PL4 when I upgraded so was relying on memory… The wormhole is in my head, it seems. :roll_eyes:


Hi Wolfgang: yes, same in Mac version. See below. My mistake. P

no problem – try out what works for you