What do I miss if I upgrade PL6>PL7 but stay with FP6?

Given the premise of enhancements for the next twelve months, I consider the UK upgrade price of GBP99 for PL to be high, but acceptable (I paid GBP104 last year), By comparison, the upgrade price for FP at GBP69 (and given that feature enhancements are far fewer) is less attractive - and I paid GBP35 upgrade at the end of 2022 so twice that (less a pound) seems a lot.

The feature improvements are clear for PL but not so for FP with PL. There is reference to the ability to create a luma range, but I have that (and chroma) in 6/6 on some local adjustment tools - or is this luma a different tool? I could download the trial but I am always wary about upgrading then downgrading these things.

Can anyone enlighten me please?


The main thing that FilmPack 7 adds to the mix is the new Luminosity masking in Local Adjustments. It is not the same as the Chroma/Luma sliders. I suggest getting the 30 day free trial of FP 7 to see whether it’s worth the expense to you.


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FilmPack is relatively easy to completely remove from your drive. Use “Find Any File” or “EasyFind” and search for “filmpack”, then “dfpv” …or search the drive manually or with the “find” command in Terminal etc. Searching in Finder will not reveal all files that can be found with the apps I mention above. You still want to make sure to back up your Mac before installing FP7.

I’ve currently wiped my drive clean of anything DxO in order to prevent issues caused by residue from testing - and can therefore not check if DFL7 can be trialed through DPL7’s menu options alone / without activating a trial through the DFP7 standalone app.

Its hard clearing in Windows Revco found over 600Mb after uninstalling 6 on my laptop and thats without the dstabase as I dont keep it.

I usually upgrade as soon as the new version of DxO is released and then get annoyed that a couple of months later Black Friday there is a 30% discount. I am going to wait this time


Except that we must wait longer and longer before the BF :grinning:
And since there are no more price reductions during outings, the only way to pay cheaper is the BF.

@mwsilvers I am trying it out on a.older Windows computer, so not to ‘worry’ my master collection. I now see that the luminosity feature is very similar to the one in Capture One (which works well). It will be useful, but £69 is a lot for one feature. @Kentboyjohn Yes, I too will wait I think. I must have done that last year to get the price I did.

@platypus When I installed FP7 on the Windows machine it told me it was going to overwrite my FP6 but when I run up PL7, it shows both FPs on the splash screen so I don’t know what happened. No matter though.

Thank you to you all.


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