What dit you think about an iOS PL version?

The iPad pro is an device with a lot of cpu power, with the pencil you can edit photos direct on the display and with iOS 12 is it easy (first time useable) to import RAW data fast.

The big advantage of an DxO PL iOS version in my opinion are the very good automatic working tools, with manual controls.
I see an tendency, that more photographers using an iPad to do every day edits more and more.

What dit you thing?

My vote is no. The only thing DxO needs to be focused on is making the Windows and Mac versions of its software the best they can be.

Remember, this company recently filed for re-org. Its not time to splinter its resources or direction. Once they have stabilized and claimed additional market share, this idea can be revisited.


Well said! I agree with you.

Re-Org time is also time to think about new things and ways.
Where I want as company to stay in some years? - not tomorrow, maybe in 3 years…

On Win/Mac market are a lot of competitors and a new positioning would be not easy.
I thing the iOS market for digital imaging is gowing in next years and at this time it gives only some competitors. So I see an high potential for DxO in this market.
DxO has outstanding technology to do automatic corrections with some klicks/taps and additional the famous U-Points…

But, I agree with you, DxO must stay again on a stable base for doing new things.


I agree with you.

Adobe Bringing Full Version of Photoshop CC to iPad in 2019

I don’t know it before…

Greetings Uwe

Me too :grimacing: