What changed from PL6 to PL7?

I want to thank everyone for their answers to my question regarding exporting DeepPrimeXD processed images. Because of the age of my system, I do not batch process any of my images and rarely process over two images from a photo session. So blazing speed is not a necessity with what I process. BTW, I’m not all that interested in spending a small fortune to replace my system especially at my age. As I said thanks to those who responded.

I upgraded to DXO-PL7 a few days ago. For me the big (positive) change is the way you use Local Adjustments when processing an image. I much prefer the “panel” sliders to make adjustments over the way you did it in PL6 and older versions. You now can make HSL local adjustments in addition to global adjustments.

One negative is that the PL7 User guide is not available as a pdf. You have to access it online. Why DXO has this restriction is beyond me. Older Pl user guides are available as pdf files.


Current DPL is still in a phase of development and DxO seems to prefer the online manual, because you can’t store it locally and experience the drift between the manual an DOL’s actual features.

Consulting the manual a few times, I also found that things had changed considerably like e.g. the directory, some text and search, which I find to help less and less.

I’d like to get a manual in two sections. One being a tool reference, the other a “how-to” text illustrating how one can achieve certain effects, including all procedures with similar effects due to some overlap and interaction of the tools.