What can you make from a boring picture


just to put something else for discussion here is a picture and an elaboration.
Yes…Color key is a little out of date, but just right to fuel the discussion.
I am already curious about the results

_A040041.ORF (13.4 MB)
_A040041.ORF.dop (13.8 KB)

Let’s start the challenge

As soon as I’m through with “making more out of my boring pictures” (by 2041 or so, I assume), I will immediately, with no further ado dive into the boring pictures of others. :grin:

Still (kind of) boring, but different…

_A040041.ORF.dop (23.3 KB)


My not from this world version :wink:

_A040041.ORF.dop (44,0 KB)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t find your rendition boring at all. In fact, I find it very interesting.


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Also my first thoughts, but you wrote it down :wink:

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The one by platypus I find also very interesting, even though I am not a fan of vignettes
The Alien on by KameraD hurts my eyes :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Just another idea…

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I like it Joanna, but I think it needs more separation from the background. Perhaps a bit brighter or a bit more detail?


Dear Mark,

like this

as I said before…I don’t like vignettes

This is my quick take on this image. I also removed the distracting stem from behind it.


Thought I’d have a go but although PL5 prompted me for the module, which I downloaded, I cannot see the image in the Customise tab. The thumbnail is visible, I presume from the embedded preview.

This is the same problem I had when I first installed PL5 and had to uninstall and reinstall. Not sure I want to do that again.

Dear @zkarj ,

does it mean when you downloading my original ORF, and you install the modules for the EM5MII and the 12-45 pro lens it doesn’t work…strange. I can’t check because I deinstalled all my PL5’s.

I doesn’t hope that the problems growth

best regards

Started with PL4, cropped, checked how B&W will look like and what to do. When cleaning up the background became to difficult, I changed to PL5, which made it easier to ‘spot’ some disturbing blotches. Exported as tif-file, finished retouching in pixel editor and isolated the subject carefully with a layer mask.

I tried two separate versions and also treated subject and background differently.

with Nik Viveza 2, CEP4 / DarkenLightenCenter and some d+b

with Nik SilverEfexPro 2, CEP4 / DarkenLightenCenter and some d+b

BTW, no problem to recognize your cam + lens, in PL5 I just had ro reload the profile.


Something is wrong with my modules. The module download window popped up automatically when I opened my Downloads folder where I had put your image. I confess I did not pay it much attention as I was expecting it to appear, but I told it to download what it needed.

On checking now I did not see any Olympus modules installed so maybe it was something else in my Downloads folder that triggered the module window (I do not normally open the folder in PhotoLab).

But now I have found and specifically downloaded this module it still has the issue. I hope it’s the right one.

Certainly whether that module is installed or not, if I open the missing modules window it seems to say (in the message at the top) that modules are needed, but does not offer any for download.

Wooo! I installed 5.0.2 and noticed the thumbnail suddenly changed to mostly monochrome, as I guess it had not read the .dop before. Now I can play, too. :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a bit of a play. Went through many variations. In the end I stopped here…

_A040041.ORF.dop (15.5 KB)

Dear @zkarj,

very good try. Could yo please share the .dop file

Enjoy rest of the week and weekend too

best regards


Oops! I meant to include it and forgot. I’ve added it to my post now.