What are the pitfalls of 6.1 over 6.0?

It’s summer, so I’ve not been outside playing more than inside playing. When 6.1 arrived, I recall holding off because of something I read in a thread here, and I’ve been holding off ever since, but now I cannot remember why, nor find the post(s) that gave me pause.

I’m on 6.0.3 and get prompted every time to install 6.1.1. Might I regret installing it? I did find @John-M’s thread on the WCS & Soft Proofing which I will have another read of, but I thought there was something more substantial?

I duplicated DPL 6.app and updated it afterwards. I can then run either version (not at the same time)

Fortunately, it’s very easy to look up those problem reports about PL 6.1:

Search results for ‘pl 6.1’ - DxO Forums

I haven’t experienced any of those problems, but clearly some people have. And it isn’t clear if they have overcome those problems. For me, PL 6.1.x didn’t fix enough problems, but it’s fine - it hasn’t introduced any new ones on my computer. I have no problem recommending it on Windows. If you have Mac, I think being up-to-date is all the more important - but maybe avoid Ventura for now.

No, there are no “show stoppers” with PLv6.1 … It works just fine.

John M

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Thanks all.

@Egregius I did do a search (though not that particular one) but got all sorts of extraneous results. My (poor) memory tells me there was a post some way down a thread that uncovered something new and that was what gave me pause. I see a lot of those search results are problems I’ve seen in prior versions, so just the ‘evergreen’ glitches that pop up from time to time.

@platypus that’s an interesting concept. I would not have expected it to work, but then I’ve never tried it. Also… if there are any database or top format changes it could get… interesting.

I’ve seen a database schema change happen between two dot releases of DPL5. It’s therefore a good idea to save the current database before launching the new version. In order to distinguish the versions, I add the full version number, e.g. 6.1,2.345. All of this has worked without issues on my Macs so far.