What are the new features in Viewpoint 3 compared to Viewpoint 1?

I have Viewpoint 1 and am considering whether it’s worthwhile to upgrade to Viewpoint 3. Is there a list of the specific enhancements that aren’t included in the original version?


There are release notes for both VP2 and VP3 that list a number of new features.

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Here’s the list of tools available with VPv3 … You can compare them with your VPv1:

I reckon the 8-point perspective tool is pretty handy - - but it’s really just a more flexible version of the Rectangle perspective tool … Otherwise, I think it’s pretty much the same. Miniature effect is just a gimic!

John M

Thank you both. There seem to be quite a few changes, but I don’t know if there’s one that I really need that would justify the upgrade price.

Here are the Viewpoint 1 options:

I use the Viewpoint corrections a lot on photographs of buildings and architectural features (to square things up), and landscapes/ seascapes (to level the horizon).

Looking at the V2 and V3 release notes, apart from all of the different cameras listed as supported, the two main things that stand out to me are the addition of the 8-point control and the auto mode. Neither of these are allowing you to do something new that you couldn’t previously do - but they can ease and speed up the workflow.

  • I use the 8-point control quite often - I find it much easier to place the endpoints of the two horizontal and two vertical alignment lines independently when the items in the image don’t easily lend themselves to using the rectangle tool.
  • I don’t use the auto tool. I’ve tried it but the results are mixed and I’d then want to make further adjustments anyway, so it’s just as easy to do it from scratch.

Here’s more info about ViewPoint and FilmPack version limitations: