What are people NOT doing in Lightroom now?

I’m using PureRAW as pre-processor for LR and it’s doing much of what it promises. Once I’ve got the DNG opened in LR I go ahead and do all the colour and crop adjustments I’m accustomed to doing on NEFs off the camera’s SD card - so all good with that side of things.

Once I get to sharpening and NR, however… are LR users who get DNGs out of PureRAW leaving sharpening and NR settings at ‘off’?

I actually export from DXO Pureraw to Capture One and find I have to turn off sharpening (otherwise I cut my fingers ! :slight_smile: and also don’t have any noise reduction set at all.

Very occasionally I might tweak the sharpening in a layer but until DXOPR adds the option to switch off or adjust sharpening I think the follow up processing will have sharpening sset to off.

I would agree, Mike. I have lens correction, noise reduction and sharpening off in Lightroom. I have PureRaw output to a directory that Lightroom watches. I process the RAW images in PureRaw, then open LR and let it import them automatically. On rare occasion, I’ll change sharpening or noise reduction, but that may be just a one in several hundred occurrence.

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