What about adding NIK Correct Colour Cast Tool into Dxo Photolab?

NIK Correct Colour Cast Tool (Colour Effex Pro -> Pro Contrast -> Correct colour cast) is one of my favourite tools in NIK collection. Please add it into Dxo Photolab as there is no other tools with similar purpose.

Call me stupid, :yum:, but what has Contrast to do with colorcast?

Pro contrast is a Filter (option) in CEP and inside that filter you can click on the option “correct colour cast”?
I know Pro Contrast works great for micro contrast and thus sharpening or detailing.
Hmm, i will look at that, i use my old SP7Pro 's correction modes to get the numbers for manual WB settings.

That’s true, and i am posting about the option of Auto Absolute WB modes as a tool for repairing a mishit of camera AWB.

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Yes, Correct Colour Cast Tool is really a filter that is occacionally sitting in Pro Contrast box. But this filter has some artificial intelligence which can sometimes be smarter than photographer. Some kind of colour cast you can clearly see, some kind of cast you simply know (e.g. green cast in nemoral forest), but some cast can be hidden in pictures (for these photos this Colour Cast filter is really great)!

Just checked,
Color hue correction? (ive the nl version so “kleurtint correctie”) top of the three correction sliders?

Yes, it is situating on top of the three correction sliders which are:

  • Correct Colour Cast
  • Correct Contrast
  • Correct Dynamic Cotrast

The last two are principally implemented in Dxo Photolab, first one not.

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I have to say it’s working better then i thought. because its working with a 16bit tiff and not a Raw. For some colorcast it will work i think but for other not.
I used Colin’s heavily over blued nef file to demonstrate
Made a clip to show the difference

And i think you need three kinds of colorcast corrections:
1- The one i showed in Auto Absolute WB. (it’s algorithm searches for a natural look)
2- The white/grey(balance tool) color picker: like the manual WB tool is in DPL.
3- that slider in color Efex Pro 4.

As i show you here non of those three work for all kinds
The table has green cast over the white and of set my AWB of the camera.
If my goal is to make the table “white” and no green left.
option 3 does do a good job but there is a small greenisch left.
option 1 doesn’t see a “problem” and thinks its fine as it is. (because that is using a global balance and sees the white cabine so it 's done.)
So option 2 is the only one which cna help me out here.
(in v2.x you got a colorpicker radius selection so maybe there it equals the other application.)

But to go back to your original request.
Yes please give us such a slider in DPL to use in RAW-files.
Have inside color raw balance Tool:

  • Setting: Camera AWB or manual selections with a Auto Absolute WB
  • A color picker or greybalance picker
  • A Correct Colour Cast slider
    and :slight_smile:
    in exposure department a blacklevel and whitelevel picker.