Well the update did nothing to solve GPU problem

In July I posted an issue I was having with DxO PureRaw. It seems that if you processed with the GPU or AUTO settings, the ARW files would end up as black DNG files. No info in them. I found a work around which is only use the CPU to process the files. This continues to be the only way to process my Sony A7RIII files with DxO PureRaw. Not too sure what was updated but it certainly wasn’t the processing engine with regards to the GPU.

System: CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900x 12-Core Processor 4.6MHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super 8GB Memory
C Drive: 1GB Samsung SSD, 64GB Ram

Has Sony A7R III output been tested with multiple GPU or just the one in your main machine? AMD CPU + certain Nvidia GPU might be an issue. Trying to narrow down where the issue is would be great.

Alec-There seems to be no change since your last post on the subject. Still and issue. Whether it is a GPU manufacturer problem or DxO, I would have hoped one of them would have fixed it by now.

Yes, but you should try to isolate the issue. I now see this is just a new thread to pester DxO as we’ve corresponded on this issue before. I’m not keen to do a second round so hopefully someone else will come around who is.

Have you tested with Lightroom closed? What was the result?

Also, could someone with this issue turn off GPU processing in Lightroom (preferences) and have the GPU working on PureRaw and test the outcome. It would be interesting to see the results.

Nvidia is notorious for putting out buggy GPU drivers. That may be your problem.

Go to their website and download the latest version of a “studio driver” that they have for your card. Avoid the “game ready” drivers because they generally aren’t as stable.

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Lightroom has no impact on running DxO PrueRaw. I access the files for processing through DxO PureRaw and Export to Lightroom after it has finished. So Lightroom isn’t really involved.

Ed-I agree with you concerning NVIDIA driver bugs. I just updated my NVIDIA drivers, a month ago. So if the driver is the issue it seems to span several versions of their drivers.