Weird output on Fuji files

I use DxO PureRAW2 in conjunction with Capture One.

I use PureRAW and then import the files back into C1 where there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the PureRAW files compared to C1 Good so far. However (and it’s a BIG however), when I export the files as jpegs, there is a horrible ‘cyan’ fringing on the output photos.

I have tried using all the different outputs available, even used DxO via the finder plugin.

Always the same issue with the fringing.

What am I doing wrong.

Have you tried to switch chromatic aberration correction on and off?

And, at the risk of stating/suggesting the obvious, have you tried exporting those same photos with C1 but having not first used PR2 on them?

If not, try that and see if the problem is still present which then possibly indicates an issue with C1s output.

Of course that might be the first thing you tried but as you don’t state either way, then worth mentioning as part of the process of elimination.

Yes, I have exported the files with C1 Only (perfect Jpeg) and then with DxO (not perfect). I have even turned off the chromatic aberration setting and while it made it better, it didn’t improve it.