weird lines in the background

Hi, I have noticed these weird stripes in the background recently. I didn’t have the problem a few months ago with the earlier update, so I tried going back to an older version but it didn’t help. I am shooting with a 7d and a Tamron 150


NOTE: the image is cropeed a lot to show tthe lines

see → Weird lines in the background

While I don’t use PureRAW and have no such long lens … the grass is out of focus in fore- / background.

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might be worth highlighting the stripes you are talking about , I dont see them


those weird line i can see are tall grass from the background, just not far enough to get a nice blurry background unfortunately.
on the other hand, if you click “auto contrast” button… it actually adjust contrast on the entire image, not just your bird and this option is to be taken with care when you shoot wildlife as it will ruined your background and turn your bokeh into a sharp bulb or a blurry branch into a sharp line like on your image. (i hope my explanation make sense to you).

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