Weird issue with Affinity Photo

I suspect that this may be an Affinity Photo issue, but hopefully someone may have a suggestion or solution.

If I open an 8 bit sRGB tiff in Photoshop Elements 2019, it looks fine, regardless of whether I have previously exported that tiff to disk and accessed via folder browsing, or have launched PSE from within PL2 using the “Export to application” command.

However, if I open Affinity Photo and then browse to the same tiff, the colours are wrong, and oversaturated. But if I open the same tiff from within PL2, using “Export to application”, the colour is accurate. Any suggestions? (I only became aware of the issue when opening several PL2- processed tiffs in AP when attempting a panorama. Normally I’ve been using the “Export to application” feature, without issues, but obviously multiple files can’t be opened that way).

Please ignore this question! I have discovered that I’d got Affinity RGB Colour Profile set to ROMM RGB, so presumably opening from within PL2 causes the tiff to display correctly with sRGB.