Weird artifacts

I have process some of my images and it looks like they are heavily process leaving my image with weird artifacts ( kinda pixelated stuff ) and turned my images bluish in color.

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Could you post a screenshot of one of these images so we can see what you are talking about? Also it would be good if you could post the original RAW file to a file-hosting site and post the link here so that we can try to reproduce the problem that you are having.

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Please upload an example image so that we can see the problem.

Hi Mark,

I’m also here to report an artifact issue. In the sky above and to the right of the tractor, you should see a “blotch”.

Here’s a link to the original RAF file.

Here’s the jpg, exported from PL5 from the above RAF file.

I’m not sure if this is a joke or if you have somehow enabled an auto-mask local adjustment by accident(not sure how that can happen?).

If the former, Ha Ha very funny.

If the latter then simply remove the LA(either turn it off or throw it in the trash can) and your “blotch” disappears.


Was not a joke, I have no memory of making this adjustment. Maybe I pasted it accidentally…

My bad for wasting your time!

Could it be that you have a sensor spot there. If you use aperture 8, 11, 16 these become more and more visible. It usually helps to clean the sensor and the lens accordingly.

Not a sensor spot. Definitely caused by local adjustment(intentional or not).

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indeed, it’s a LA:

Removing the LA (or tuning it down to 0%) eliminates the UFO.

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