Website sucks (shopping)

I am kind of broke but I am so fed up with Lightroom being bloated and breaking that I want to buy DxO PhotoLab.

I was playing with the decision. I would pay $129 however I would prefer the Elite version because I have a color target that I use to create color profiles.

But then what bugged me most is that the prices were in euros instead of dollars for some reason. I could not find a way to change them, even tried to register and look for a setting… the more I looked the more I realized that your website kinda sucks.

So I’m not going to pay 129 Euros for a software that lacks a feature that I want and which puts me through a crippling and frustrating shopping experience.

I am trying to escape the technical mediocrity of Adobe Lighroom, not to have to deal with the mediocrity of your shopping experience.

So I decided to pass.

Too bad, the software looked really good, had nice results and the experience with the software itself was pretty smooth.

Thank you.

Just because DxO is an Adobe product doesn’t imply that it has to be cheap. PhotoLab is an excellent product that has features you won’t find in more expensive products.

You do realise that DxO is a French company, based in France, which is in the European Union, which uses the Euro as its currency? The USD/CAD/AUD/SGD/HKD/etc (guessing USD from attitude) is not the only currency in the world.

Some companies price locally but that raises problems because some American companies simply change the denomination but keep the same numbers - something that annoys the heck out of us Europeans when we end up paying significantly more than the dollar price.

Oh dear, what a shame, never mind. I expect you’ll find another website to criticise for some other pointless reason.

In the meantime, the rest of us will benefit from happily using one of the best RAW editing apps around,


It’s a bug. The DxO web site currency is the dollar from a American internet access.
But our new friend give us none detail about this (provider, VPN, …).

For the rest of this poor story … never mind.

Ah. I tried it from the different languages ( German, Japanese, etc) and they all turned out in Euros as well; hence my assumption.

Mind you, I guess even the price in dollars could be more than he was expecting. From my opinion, you tend to get what you pay for. In fact, in the software consulting game, when quoting for a project, we often say you can have it good, cheap, quickly - choose any two :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

When I log in, the site is in English and in USD. The creator of this thread just gave up too easily. He/she took the time to complain on this forum, deciding to pass on Photolab after indicating the software looks good. If he had asked for assistance from us, rather than just complaining, more than likely his problem would have been easily remedied and he would be using the software right now. It makes me wonder if he was a real potential customer or just a troll. In any case, it’s his loss.



Un cas frappant d’intolérance puérile à la frustration :exploding_head:

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Welcome, Banadna (@rolfen). You will find people here who care. When I notice a glaring problem with DxO’s web sites, I find reporting it at gets it resolved quickly - even if the response they give for this particular kind of problem isn’t always appreciative. I agree with you, there’s a lot of room for improvement on the marketing and documentation side of things - and DxO depends too much on customers to find the problems. But the software’s pretty good and so is the customer support if one can be patient.

Fortunately, PhotoLab and other DxO software are on sale very often, usually for about 30% off. Who knows, maybe you can even ask DxO for the discount (since you want to leave Lightroom) or find a coupon code somewhere.

Best wishes.

Un cas frappant d’intolérance puérile à la frustration :exploding_head:

Un cas frappant d’intolérance arrogante à la critique.

Oh well, yes, “I gave up too easily”. Sorry. Maybe if you hire me and pay me money I will work more on this problem.

And yes I took the time to write feedback here, you are welcome, it’s OK, stop thanking me, don’t worry about it, I see you appreciate it.

As for details, I am making the order from Lebanon, there is no reason to have the prices in Euros, and I have a USD card that I want to use.

The reason why I wanted to pay in USD is that I was in my online searches that the software is sold for $129. However 129 Euros converts to $143 and then there is a 4-5% visa conversion fee which totals something like $150. That is $21 than what I saw the software advertized on other sites.

So I see apparently this is a problem with other sites mis-reporting the price?

If he had asked for assistance from us, rather than just complaining, more than likely his problem would have been easily remedied and he would be using the software right now.

Ask for assistance? I tried, there is no contact information on the site.
Maybe if you had put some sort of contact information I would have been able to and you would be having my money right now.

Good morning Banadna (@rolfen ) and welcome to the forum,

  • Please, write directly to and I’m sure your case will be resolved. We can’t solve such issues via the forum.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.