WebP Format

Support for WebP files. I seemed to have been appointed family photo custodian. Some family members have been using the WebP and the only way they can be worked on is by routing them through infranview. This is clunky and a time waster.

WebP shouldn’t be a working format. You should educate your relatives. Webp is a compression format for web publishing. You are ruining all the photo data bandwidth needed for editing.


Since no camera produces this format, we can only assume that your relatives have converted perfectly good images into it.

There really isn’t much point in trying to edit these files as so much information has already been lost in the compression process and you are not going to get anywhere near the image quality you would get from original files.

As @florisvaneck indicates, this is primarily an output format, not an editable one.

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Hm… no camera? I shoot fotos with Android camera apps with WebP. WebP might be not the first choice, but it produces smaller files by much better quality than JPEG. As PL supports the from my point of view outdated JPEG or modern HEIF (not with all the functions PL can perform on RAW files of course), I don’t see a reason why DXO should not implement WebP. At least for exporting, but that‘s not the topic here.

The apps might produce WebP files but the cameras themselves don’t. Just Google it and you will find it is purely for web publication.

I do agree with him, webp and HEIC are the fileformat of the future. JPEG is clumsy, old-fashioned and an old compression format for webpublishing. It is a shame that DXO does not support both modern file formats. Only TIFF is a decent fileformat but improperly for webpublishing.

Hello and welcome Hans.

I’m not sure if we might be misunderstanding each other. :slight_smile:

Adding webp as an output and export format might be a good addition to PL list of export formats.
But as webp is a pure delivery format I see no real means for PL to process them as an input format.
PL is a parametric raw developer - adding webp pixel editing is adding something it was not meant to do and it’s what soo many other applications only do.

I would say that it might not in DxOs interest to do so.

JPEG and TIFF are also not input formats for RAW editing but supported as export and that is what is important. Just add WEBP as export and HEIC as import format even when it is not a raw format