Web browser and Adobe RGB

Hey guys

I am currently experimenting with QuMagie which is a web based photo cataloging and viewing front-end. I typically use sRGB in my workflow as the display I do all my processing on only covers that color space (by 100% though).

I now did some experiments with Adobe RGB. I wanted to find out whether browsers nowadays properly convert Adobe RGB photos to the color space of the display.

So I first set color space in PhotoLab’s export to Adobe RGB with the follwing result:

  • iOS app did a proper conversion, displaying rich colors
  • several browsers on the PC (Chrome, Firefox, Edge) showed a rather dull and pale photo on a sRGB display

I then used a custom ICC profile for exporting in the form of Adobe’s official one. All of a sudden all browsers seem to be performing a proper color space converion to that of the display. So what is the difference between using PhotoLab’s built in Adobe RGB color space and an Adobe RGB custom ICC? Suppose the diffence is somehow related to the EXIF data that is written.

I#ve made the following adjustment to Firefox a year ago. Haven’t looked for other browser, but google will help :smiley:

  1. Open a new tab in Firefox
  2. Type “about:config” into the URL field
  3. Access the Firefox config after the notice of warning.
  4. Filter for “color_management” in the search field.
  5. Change “gfx.color_management.enablev4” to the value “true”
  6. Change “gfx.color_management.mode” to the value “1” to enable color management for all tagged and untagged colors.
  7. Add the URL of your custom monitor profile as value for “gfx.color_management.display_profile”
  8. Restart Firefox for the changes to take effect

There is one page https://fotovideotec.de/browser_farbmanagement/farb-testbilder.html in german where you can get a lot of basics about colour management. At the page I linked, you will find test images at the bottom to test if your browser supports colour management.
Don’t miss the article https://fotovideotec.de/displaycal/
best regards

Thanks for the links. I actually know all the theory behind it. I created my own samples to verify whether Adobe RGB worked properly on several platforms.

First problem involved myself though. The ICC I was using actually wasn’t Adobe RGB but Apple RGB. I misread it all the time.

The problem with Adobe RGB on PC using several browsers however persisted. And the culprit here hasn’t been the browser itself, but the QuMagie application I was using. It downconverts photos and in that process omits the ICC, treating colors as sRGB. The reason why I wasn’t seeing the issue on iPhone was because the QuMagie app was configured to get the original file rather then the downconverted one.