It’s odd. I never thought about watermarking my photos because I don’t post them anywhere. They are almost exclusively for the use of the family so we can remember where we were and the things we did. Given that there was no reason to watermark them.

I do, however, sometimes add text to the photos to remind us where we were and when it was taken, so I might mark some images 2020-11 Yada-yada State Park so something like that, and I use Photoshop for that functionality. But PL4 now has watermarking capability and out of curiosity I decided to try creating a Yada-yada State Park type of watermark, just to see how it looks and it turns out to be exactly the same as the text I added to the photos. In other words I can use the watermarking functionality to do what I used to use PS for, and that will save me a lot of time.

I probably would have upgraded anyway, but the watermarking, something I never even thought about using, was just too good to pass up. Just a big surprise to me.