Watermark function for Exported Images Request

From what I can tell, there is no option to create a watermark (text or image) on exported files for production or display. Other applications have this. Of course I can jump around to different to do this and to do that, but as a matter of convenience to the end user, metaphorically speaking it would be nice if the functionality existed all under one roof. Currently I use XnView MP’s ‘Batch Convert’ to accomplish this task. It’s just irritating to edit in PhotoLabs, export those edits, re-open the exported files in XnView MP, only to add a watermark to the PhotoLabs exported files.

Please do end-users a favor and add this function to PhotoLabs. Even DxO’s latest PhotoLabs 3 lacks this feature. This is the rebirth of the same / similar topic started on 2019-1-3 and closed by DxO in March.


Here is a reply to your request - PhotoLab 3 is in! done by @CaptainPO

And the previous topic was closed as we accepted the task and make the votes spent free again.

Svetlana G.