Watermark added as last step on export (after resize)


Thanks for Watermarking feature, however for me it is useless. I resize and export images at 1920px and apply watermark after. Currently i use external program (Fastone Image resizer) to do this.

Please add Watermark feature on Export dialog, and add it after image is resized not before.


I agree the watermark quality is not good at all. I export all images at full resolution and use an old version of capture one to batch process downsizing, output sharpening and watermarking.

There is an option in the expert dialog to apply a saved watermark and/or override the existing watermark.

If you create and save watermarks you will be able to select them to apply at export time. Works really well.

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Thanks i hadn’t see that!

I love the fact I can simply apply a watermark preset in the editor because I can then adjust it to suit the specific photo if necessary. I’m sure it suits a lot of people to have it in the export window, too, but mine is supposed to be subtle and that needs tweaking.

Also, until such time as the watermarks are more sensible about their sizing it’s far too much hassle to use the export ones as I would have to export first all portrait oriented images, then all landscape, then all square, as each requires different sized watermarks. I used to have to do that anyway for square images because of the image dimensions but that was solved with the megapixel sizing.