Wanted to thank DxO for the latest update to PL2!

Thanks, DxO! The update was an unexpected treat.

version 2.3.2.Build 265

Hi Nikki,

Are you using those new printing features?

New features in DxO PhotoLab 2.3.2

Bug fixes:

  • In the printing module, fixed a bug where the printer was not correctly detected - In the printing module, cells sizes are now correctly adapted to paper
  • Other minor bug fixes

Is there anything else in there which other users might want to know about?

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Well, one thing v2.3.2 build 265 does is start a darned sight quicker than version 2.3.0 build 23891 that for me is very welcome :slight_smile:

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Have not tried printing anything. I rarely print out photos, but I may try it in the next few months.