VP seems to save in random orientations?

I am trying to work VP into my workflow. I have to take thousands of 4x5 images and crop a central long rectangle out of each image. The rectangle is orientated east-west on the layout. There is some perspective correction, then an unconstrained manual crop is applied to get my composition. However, VP saves these images in random variations of 90 degrees counter or clockwise to the view in my workspace quite frequently, and sometimes in the correct orientation. I have to share these images with others who do not have the time or software to rotate images. Any clues as to what is happening?


Not really…but we can try.

  1. what are your image files? JPEG, TIFF, RAW, Camera body? Scanner…?
  2. what’s your computer’s operating system?
  3. are you comfortable with a CLI and/or ExifTool?
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I’m using a Canon EOS 200 Mkii. Stock lens 18-55mm ISM . Identical workflow and capturing a RAW and large jpeg on each shot. Always captured east-west orientation.

However, the saved orientation of the image changes by 90 degrees randomly. ie 5 in a row may save as expected east-west, then a couple will save north south. Both the raw and the JPEG affected when affected.This requires rotating the image in whatever software is being used to view them…and not always possible. It’s also time consuming hence chopping down on efficiency.

WIN10 Pro…