VP and RAW file handling

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When using VP3 as part of PL3 will VP be working on the RAW file as part of the overall processing of the image before being saved as an output JPEG or TIFF and as such all the corrections are saved in the .dop file with the whole editing sequence?

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Yes. VP is fully integrated into PhotoLab and behaves like it would if it had been built in. All VP corrections are saved in the database and .dop files. If you copy a raw file and its associated .dop file to a different computer running both PhotoLab and VP you will see the VP edits. If you copy them to a computer with PhotoLab, but without VP, I presume those VP related edits will be ignored.


Hi Mark

Thank you for the reply, in that VP will behave like the other PL tools/pallets in regard to processing RAW files :slight_smile:

On a side note ~ I was looking at the info on FilmPack and saw mention somewhere of Elite version…it took some digging (not in the DxO website itself…???) but learned that Elite handles RAW and DNG whereas nonElite FP only works on TIFF and JPEG.

This latter is sadly another example where IMO DxO need to up their game and make things much clearer to prospective purchasers(upgraders)!

Are you talking about the standalone version of FilmPack or the PhotoLab plug-in? My experience is only with FilmPack Elite, however I would be surprised if the non-Elite version of FilmPack’s plug-in, assuming there is a PhotoLab plug-in for that version, would not also work on raw files. If however, that is the case, then the non Elite version of FilmPack would be pretty useless as a plug-in.


Hi Mark

I found the following page, where as I read it, RAW is unique to FP Elite

And on the main website for FP where the Buy button makes no mention of two versions…but the Pricing link in the top ribbon bar takes you to a page where both Elite & Essentials are shown with the same info(?) as I link above is shown. They do not make it easy/transparent/straightforward to see everything a prospective buyer or upgrader needs on a single page :frowning:

Don’t worry FP Essential works in PL for a total raw workflow.
That’s how we do it :wink:

BTW, FP Essential isn’t interresting :frowning:
Only FP Elite is worth.