Voigtlánder correction curves

I desperately longing for a correction curve of the Voigtländer Nokton 50mm/1.0 on my Canon R5.
Question 1: is a correction curve in the planning?
Question2: to correct the chromatic aberration, is a workaround available?

DxO supports a number of Voigtländer’s newer lenses with electronic contacts for the Nikon Z-mount, including three that I own. However, the Z mount version of the lens that you’re asking about It is not yet supported even though it’s been available for over six months. Since DxO supports many of the new Voigtländers with electronic contacts, I suspect that it’s just a matter of time before the Nikon and Canon versions of this new lens are also supported.

Keep in mind that DxO needs a copy of this lens for each mount for testing and depends on the availability of loaners to do this. The availability of loaners in Europe for this expensive manual focus lens is probably very limited.

Reviewers and other software companies are probably waiting in line to acquire a copy to test. It may take quite a while for the Canon version to get supported.

Have you requested support for it in DXO’s camera/lens support database? If not, use the “Is your hardware not supported” feature towards the bottom of the page in my link. To access the DXO camera/lens support database click here.