Viveza will not apply on first use

Viveza 3, Windows - Photoshop - First use of contact points results in new layer but no change when apply. Workaround is to delete new layer, reopen Viveza; contact points from first effort are visable and effect is displayed,; re-apply and when return to PS, changes are displayed but not in a new layer.

I’ve been having the same issue. My workaround for now is to just do a Cntrl J in windows to create a new layer, then go up to the filter drop down menu and Viveza3 will be at the very top. I just hit it again and it applies my changes to the new layer I created. You can do this without creating a new layer also, but then if you only have one layer(background) you don’t have anything to go back to for comparisons. I am currently waiting to hear back from DxO about this.

I have not filed a ticket with DxO . Keep me posted if and when you receive a reply.

Did you ever hear back from DxO about this? I’ve been having this issue too.

No response from DxO. The problem continues intermittently

In you previous post you indicated you hadn’t filled out a support ticket. Have you filled out one since then?


I assumed the forum was monitored and did not initially file a ticket. Did so today and will report the response to the forum

It is “monitored” but not every thread created gets a response. It is always best to make a formal support request as well as posting here.