Viveza - Not working?

When selecting a layer to edit and clicking Viveza - I am unable to edit - screen shot attached - when the mouse is moved around the edit area, I can see the loupe in the top right scroll around but any changes to the sliders and clicking apply does not adjust the image in the new layer… Have reinstalled, checked Photoshop repair… Suggestions welcome!


Hi David,

I see you’ve passed a ~.psd file to Viveza … but I’m not sure that Viveza can work with that format (?)

To check this out, try opening Viveza in stand-alone mode - and use the Open option from the File menu to see if it can read your Pringles Promo.psd image.

John M

Hi John,
you are right – Viveza doesn’t operate on psd-files as such,
while in PS you can invoke the Nik tools on a layer (like in Affinity Photo), if …

My old PS isn’t supported by Nik4 and 5 anymore. So I can’t help. :frowning:

I’m passing a layer onto Viveza via the integrated panel. Whilst I can see the layer in the loupe panel on the top right but any adjustments are not passed back to PS - there is a new layer but the image is identical to the original regardless of adjustments.

This is what I see when passing a layer to Viveza via the menu panel… when I click apply, a new layer is passed back to PS but regardless of adjustments made, it’s just a copy of the original layer.


Viveza 3 works on a layer in AP (tested with v One has to copy / rename that layer oneself, if the effect shouldn’t be applied on the ‘original’.


while I can’t help you … give some more information about OS, PS version etc, so that others can have a look.