Viveza & incorrect Colour with Affinity Photo

I use Affinity Photo & when I select the Nik Viveza plugin once it’s loaded, all or most of the image shows up as variations of the colour Purple! And… no matter what adjustments I make to any or all of the sliders very little changes the Purple colour either gets slightly lighter or darker. Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how to fix it or is this a Nik Affinity Bug waiting to be fixed

Viveza never worked well with AP or even Luminar, unless zommed in at 100% is the only way to see colours properly.

This is at least a bug, known by the DxO team, because it is stated explicitely in the last realease notes of the Nik Collection, that this bug is not fixed (yet). See release notes for version 1.2.18, third bullet here:

Thanks for the info Asser. I’m still trying to figure out if I have the most up to date version and how to go about getting it - Any ideas?

Hm, in the link, I have given above, are the download buttons for the different operating systems. I think, that the latest version will be delivered through them. Or try to find an about dialog or a splash screen, to see, whether it contains v1.1 (Build 1.2.18) somewhere.

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I have a similar problem when working from PhotoLine. It would be great if DxO had fixed this bug, which has been dragging on for so many years.

I have been testing Viveza (from the latest release package) with the latest beta of PhotoLine. On my system – macOS Mojave – there is no longer a problem with the color inconsistency between the work window and the small preview window.

I also ran the Viveza standalone as an external editor from ON1 Photo RAW 2019.2, and there’s no error there.

However, I do experience the problem with Affinity Photo 1.7.0. I suspect Serif must at least share part of the blame here. Their AP still won’t run the Flaming Pear plugins either.

Hello Bob,
I am also on the AP forum and they are aware of the issue and have reached out to DXO already. Unfortunately AP has not only problems with Nik but with a whole range of plug-ins

Yep, Affinity does not play nicely with virtually any plugins. There is a list that shows how few there are. That is why I always take it with a pinch of salt when people say it must be a DxO issue.

I suspect that AP is reluctant to share the necessary details with other vendors to allow them to work properly?

Viveza in Windows as a separate application - the external editor does not work correctly with the CMS: if displayed on the second (non-primary) monitor, it distorts the color (apparently does not contain color management tools).
Viveza was originally developed by Nik Software as a plug-in for photoshop, and probably using hidden mechanisms to work with it.

It is likely that redoing DxO will not, as this is a big job, and they are enough for an audience of Photoshop users. Note that in PhotoLine almost no one had any problems with the display in the plug-ins, except with Viveza.
Are there any other editors besides PhotoShop, PhotoLine & Affinity, in which you can use Viveza as a plugin?

For myself, I found a way out using the free Nikon CNX-D, in which these Color Control Points are already embedded.