Viveza as plugin in Afinnity photo

Been using Vivesa as a plugin for Affinity for a year now and it has worked like a dream, until the Nik 4.3 update. When I use Vivesa now it freezes Affinity and I need to reboot the PC.
Anyone else run in to this issue?

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Vivesa 2 crashes Affinity Photo but I haven’t tried to troubleshoot it.

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1Which operating system do you have? @Bonefish

Windows 10

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Viveza (as a PlugIn in Affinity Photo) hangs while saving with the “Image will be processed Dialog”

System: Windows 10, all Versions (Windows, Affinity Photo and the NIK Collection) are on their latest versions.

check her for compatibility →

ok, the plugIn opens and then there is no Cancel or Apply Button on the Bottom, so i only can get back to Affinity Photo while closing the whole Window.
it differs from picture to picture and i have the same problem also with silver efex pro 3.
Opening the same picture in viveza or silver efex over photolab 5 works well.

same Problem was reported at the Serif Forum some Time ago here:

i use the latest “final” Version of Affinity Photo (not the Beta Version)

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