Viveza a new discovery

Folks, I have rediscovered the Viveza program in Nik collection by DXO version 4. In the past I’ve bypassed Viveza in favor of just using the control points in Photolab 4 local adjustments. The control points have been vastly improved and the new UI is just great!

Selective tone and contrast adjustments(available in PL4) have been added and color picker with Chroma/Luma adjustments(not available in PL4). Very nice. Also I had forgotten that Viveza is capable of Tone-Curve-like color adjustments(not new), but with a great new user-friendly interface. This capability is not available in PL4.

When I say “Tone-Curve-like”, there is not a tone curve, but the sliders act similarly. If you increase the Red slider it doesn’t just add red but also subtracts cyan, increase the Green slider and it adds green and subtracts magenta and so on. These corrections can be applied to selective tones also and can be chosen with the color picker. Very selective.

Kudos to the whole Nik Collection by DXO version 4 team and testers for a job well done!


Hi Mark,

looks very good…thanks for the information.
What i don’t like are the very small icons for example to group control points, and the readability of the icons
Nothing for old man eyes at 24 inch Monitor.
Would be nice to move it to second monitor and resize :laughing:

Hi Guenter. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I agree that the size of the buttons and text(on 4k screen) need to be addressed. I do find myself putting on my readers and getting close to the screen to read them. :nerd_face: :laughing:

Overall though, I love the new interface, but there’s always room for improvement.

Although they maybe a bit small I don’t have any problem with them on my 28" 4K monitor.


Funny there is no difference on each of my two 24 inch, isnt it 48 inch :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Yes, it appears that some of us have bigger screens than others. When I win the lottery I’ll get a larger one. :rofl: :innocent:

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It’s not necessarily a case of “bigger is better” - it’s how we make best use of the size we have :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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True, but the bigger the better. :wink:

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