Viveza 4k Interface

Exceedingly dissappointed there is still no 4k support in Viveza.

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Hi Jack, I have a 4 k monitor also, what support have you found is missing?

My complaint is that the UI on Output Sharpener, Define 2 and RAW Presharpener all show in very small text and have not been updated to match Color Efex Pro 4 and Silver Efex which support correct text sizing on 4K monitors.

This is less of an issue to me now as I am using the Topaz equivalents which work fine.

I have also requested standardisation on the interface particularly in regard to location and operation of control points buttons and opacity slider.

Hi Jack - Are you also a PhotoLab user ? … Just curious 'cos, if you were then you wouldn’t need to use any of the tools you’ve mentioned … they’re all replicated and/or bettered by PL itself.

Regards, John M

Hi John,

I have been a Photoshop and Nik user since I became in digital 20 years ago.

I don’t use exclusively but are my normal go-to.