Viveza 3 plugin on a Mac

Is there an actual Viveza 3 plugin in the Nik 4 collection for the Mac?

When I run Photoshop and call Viveza 3 in the Filters drop-down menu it opens a window that certainly looks like a plugin. The bottom right has an Apply button just like a plugin would, and it certainly works like a plugin. But when I search the system for a Viveza plugin I can not find one anywhere on my system, including in the Viveza 3 package contents.

The reason I ask is because I plan to end my Adobe subscription when it terminates and use PhotoLine instead. It runs all of the normal plugins properly, provided there is an actual plugin file.

The closest I can find to a Viveza plugin folder or file is the “NikCollection4.plugin” file. When I point PhotoLine to that plugin it lists Viveza 3 as an available plugin, but it does not work normally. When called it opens a window that looks just like the Viveza 3 display, but there is no Apply button and there is no image file temporarily stored in the T folder. There is a TestFile file with a .tmp suffix, but it disappears when I press Save and all attempt to load it as an image file fail.

I can (and do) use the Viveza 3 app because PhotoLine allows me to call external apps as well, and that works properly, but the plugin would be better as it should be faster and use fewer resources.

Does anyone know if there is an actual Viveza 3 plugin file? And, if so, where is it?